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Princess Tutu Love!

Hello everyone!
I'm starting on my first Princess Tutu cosplay when I came across this community. I can't seem to find good reference pictures of the back of the Prince's outfit and pictures of the school outfit. These would be greatly appreciated! Also any tips on outfits and fabric would be nice :D

wigging out

Hey everyone!
Since this is a super!new community I figured it wouldn't hurt to beef it up with a post. XD
I love cosplay, I love Princess Tutu and I love Princess Tutu cosplay so this comm is perfect. <3

I meant to post this before the con that just took place but I was busy.
Recently my friend random_karen wanted a new Fakir wig since her old one was dying. She also wanted to try for that subtle-green look his hair has instead of getting another black wig. She bought a green one, trimmed off some of the length, sharpied it and then handed it off for me to cut and style. (I am slowly learning the ways of WIG-FU.)
His hair was a chore to style, to say the least. I am pretty happy with how it came out but there are always things that can be fixed/improved!

Fakir wig~Collapse )

While I was on a wig kick, I decided to mess with my own Ahiru wig some more. Her weird side bangs always stumped me. At first I hairsprayed them and kept them like that but overtime I was unahppy with how spikey they looked in pictures. So I washed it and out and just fluffed up that side of the wig instead of spraying it. In some pics it looks okay but other pics it just looks like the wig is messy on that side so I may just get rid of them all together. XD;
This wig was also sharpied.

Ahiru wig~Collapse )

Thanks for looking! <3


Reference of Siegfried's Sword please?!

It's killing me. - Well the Hilt anyways... stupid swans. >.


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